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Sai Sishya International School

Sai Sishya International School

The Sai Sishya International School in Tokyo was created with an understanding that we live in an interdependent world, and that being a responsible citizen of that world means contributing as much as we benefit. The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme is the foundation of Sai Sishya’s educational model, an interdisciplinary approach which fosters students’ awareness of the connections between various disciplines.

The academic curriculum at Sai Sishya International School focuses on 6 Units of Inquiry which are each designed around the elements of knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action. In other words; the content of the Unit, the ways in which the subject can be examined, the skills which are developed through study, the right attitude towards learning and an actual practical way to apply lessons to real world scenarios.

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2-12-8 Naka Kasai, Edogawa Ku, Tokyo 134-0084