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Lantau International School

Lantau International School

L.I.S which was founded in 1995, is unique among all the schools in Hong Kong. L.I.S is a private, apolitical, and independent school that provides Hong Kong with the greenest learning environment. L.I.S presently runs 13 classrooms from Reception Class to Primary 6 in low-rise buildings, spread across three campuses in Cheung Sha, Tong Fuk, and Pui O, all nestled in the picturesque beauty of South Lantau Island. Children at L.I.S. receive a comprehensive education of the highest caliber, combining classroom instruction (in exclusively low-rise buildings) and outdoor learning (such as P.E. lessons on the beach), enabling them to succeed socially and academically.

L.I.S prides itself on striking a unique mix between a comprehensive Mandarin program and an English-language primary education that follows the British curriculum.

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House 113, Tong Fuk Village, Lantau, Hong Kong