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Hooked on Phonics

Hooked on Phonics

Rooted in a systematic, step-by-step curriculum, the platform combines the principles of phonics with engaging narratives and activities. This blend ensures that users not only grasp the fundamentals of sound-letter relationships but also get to apply their budding skills in real reading contexts, paving the way for comprehensive learning.

The platform is intuitively organized into lessons that build upon each other, ensuring a structured progression in skill acquisition. Each module is replete with interactive games, videos, and practice exercises tailored to reinforce the phonetic patterns being introduced. This hands-on approach serves a dual purpose: it consolidates learning and keeps students engaged, turning the often daunting task of learning to read into an adventure. Furthermore, the platform integrates a rewards system, where learners earn trophies and points upon lesson completion, fostering motivation and a sense of achievement.

To enhance the learning experience, Hooked on Phonics boasts a user-friendly interface, catering to the digital inclinations of today's generation. The platform's adaptability extends to various devices, allowing students to access lessons on tablets, smartphones, or computers. With over 275+ interactive eBooks and 100+ videos, learners are spoilt for choice, ensuring diverse and immersive reading experiences. This rich repository of resources underscores Hooked on Phonics' commitment to delivering a holistic, feature-packed solution for budding readers.

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